Hi Doug,


I wanted to follow up after returning home from Israel. It was such a great trip from beginning to end. Our group was particularly special I think. The generosity and warmth between all of us had many in tears at the end. Clearly our trip was timely and well thought out! Linda turned out to be a wonderful addition--Mark really missed out! She slipped right into the routine as though she had been at Watershed just like Nan and I.


Linda and I connected so well both professionally and personally. She has put me in touch already with  much needed contacts in London as well as a lawyer who works specifically with artists based at a non-profit in Denver, CO. AMAZING!  


I must say that Avner Singer's dedication to the program is such a major part of its success. His willingness to stay late (1-2am most days) and see through firings, glazing and tend to all the needs of each individual in the program blew me away. In addition, he is a fantastic tour guide! We were able to see so much with such a limited amount of time, and in a way that allowed for introspection during our touring. I know that Givat Haviva understands the importance of Avner to its program, as I am sure AIDAshed does as well.  


I look forward to a return trip already in the planning stages. The American Cultural Ambassador from the US Embassy stopped through during the last day and was encouraging of me to be in touch in regards to my return. My hope is that there might be a possibility in some financial assistance from the Embassy in my return. I plan to work with curators at the Tel Aviv Museum sourcing historic material for making contemporary works for exhibition. Bet Binyamini is excited to have me teach a workshop as well as a couple Universities who have expressed interest in having me come and lecture and possibly demonstrate as well.  


So, I can't thank you enough! I hope you are both well and enjoying the summer!   Mine is going great with much thanks to AIDA!  


xx m.

Molly Hatch